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Foundational Values of ToPŠ
1. Inclusive Participation

Invites and sustains the participation of all members of a group. TOP recognises the importance of each member of
the group and understands each member holds an important piece of the puzzle and each person's insights help to create a whole picture.

2. Teamwork & Collaboration

Assumes teamwork and collaboration are necessary to get a task done in the most effective, efficient, and economical way. Creates a deep sense of collegiality among members of the group.

3. Individual & Group Creativity

Brings out the best of each person's rational and intuitive capacities. By encouraging a dialogue between head and heart, people experience the magic of group creativity breaking loose.

4. Action & Ownership

Positions the group to take action and decisions owned and supported by members of the group. Group ownership of decisions moves the group towards action.

5. Reflection & Learning

Confirms individual and group resolve and allows for full appreciation of the value and importance of consensus and collective action. Learning and transformation occur with depth reflection.


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